Build Customer Loyalty With a Consumer Financing Program

Offering a range of consumer finance options can help your business attract and retain loyal customers. Worldwide Capital Lending Group provides consumer credit card programs to businesses of all sizes to help them increase sales and build solid reputations for their brands.

Happy Customers

Starting a credit card program with Worldwide Capital Lending Group gives your customers a reason to keep coming back. They enjoy generous credit limits that let them make larger purchases, with reasonable monthly payments to help them manage their debt. If they make their payments on schedule, they can increase their credit scores and build healthy spending habits. This is especially enticing for people who are just building their credit.

Happy Businesses

Our consumer credit programs have a lot to offer for your company. Terms and benefits include:

  • Quick program enactment
  • Ample credit limits
  • Comprehensive training programs
  • Quick and consistent application decisions
  • E-signature options
  • Debt collection support

Our team will work with you to make the implementation of this consumer credit program as seamless as possible. You and your customers can expect exceptional customer service and a secure financing experience.

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Call Worldwide Capital Lending Group today to learn more about our consumer credit card programs. Our financial experts can help you choose the right product for your business. The consultation is free, with no obligation to you.