Your Solution for Financing Your Medical Business

Do you own a healthcare business and need financing to continue growing in the market? If so, healthcare financing from Worldwide Capital Lending Group is the solution. We can provide you with the funding you need to improve your business and serve your customer base.

What Are the Benefits of This Financing?

The benefits are twofold. First, there are many ways you can use this loan, such as for remodeling an office, merging with another business, consolidating your debt and leasing equipment you need. By themselves, those uses are a major benefit. However, we also consider our generous loan terms to be beneficial for your business. These include the following:

  • Fast approval
  • 72-month loan agreements
  • Loan amounts as high as $250,000
  • Upfront payments are not required
  • Low payment amounts
  • Monthly repayment plan
  • 50% coverage for soft costs

On top of those terms, we also do not report your loan to any personal credit bureaus. That way, you can keep your personal credit preserved.

It Only Takes a Phone Call To Begin

No matter what industry you serve, this loan can help you acquire the working capital you need to continue growing. That means everything from medical and dental offices to veterinary and chiropractic clinics can be covered. To ask questions and receive your application, call Worldwide Capital Lending Group and speak with our experienced financial experts today.