Grow Your Business With Flexible Financing

At Worldwide Capital Lending Group, we understand that having access to flexible financing solutions is essential to a company’s growth. A stated income commercial real estate loan is a flexible avenue of financing that can be used in any way to grow your business. We offer this type of loan to businesses of all sizes to allow them to reach their full potential.

Terms for a Stated Income Loan

Companies in any industry can benefit from a stated income loan. If your business has a qualifying credit score of at least 600, it stands to receive a loan of up to $500,000. You will also have up to 65% LTV for commercial properties, 70% LTV for owner-occupied and investment properties and 75% LTV for mixed-use properties. Each loan is fully amortized with 25-year terms and fixed interest rates. Upon qualifying, your business will also receive special documentation for W-2 and self-employment forms.

Advantages of a Stated Income Loan

While traditional loans often require a significant amount of paperwork to qualify, stated income loans need less documentation. Approval for traditional loans is determined based upon credit history while stated income loans focus instead on the value of the property. If the value is greater than its mortgage, taxes and insurance, it qualifies for this type of financing. The money you receive can be used in any way you deem fit to enrich your business, including those listed below.

  • Refinancing
  • Purchasing and renovating property
  • Buying equipment
  • Obtaining inventory

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A stated income commercial real estate loan is a smart avenue of financing for many businesses. Because it is such a flexible form of financing, it allows you to grow your business in any way necessary. Worldwide Capital Lending Group offers this type of loan to all types of businesses. Contact us today to see if this is the right financial solution for your company.